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341Rd With 2 A/c Units

10 December 2020 - 01:50 PM

I have a 2020 341RD.  Both A/C units are factory installed.  Too much of the cooling goes to the front bedroom.  Setting both thermostats to the same temp will have the front a/c shutting off soon while the main a/c runs all day non-stop.  The back of the trailer is very warm and the front bedroom is about 4 degrees cooler that the thermostat setting.  Lowering the front stat until the a/c comes back on then leaving it to run will cause the front unit to freeze up after a few hours.  Leaving the front unit off still causes too much of the cooling to go to the front bedroom.  I have tried setting the front a/c to fan only hi to boost the duct pressure in order to pushing the cool air from the main unit toward the back with no luck.  Basically the front a/c is not usable.


I would like to hear from owners of this model with 2 A/C's.  I need to know it yours performs well.  I want to know how many ceiling registers you have in the front bedroom with the 2nd a/c.  Mine has 4 which seems like too many for such a small room.  My trailer was ordered at an RV show.  I was told it would take several months to arrive.  The trailer arrived in three weeks.  I was told the trailer was going down the line and the dealer was able to get it.  This makes me wonder if the trailer was partially assembled and they added my 2nd a/c unit.  Both a/c units are tied into the same duct work.


Any input would be greatly appreciated.