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In Topic: Brake Replacement

26 October 2020 - 10:31 AM

I just purchased a set of brake assemblies for a 2013 298RE at Adam's Trailers in McHenry IL. Not sure if they would mail them to you....???

Thank you "Moneyslinger".

I decided to have a local RV facility replace all four backing plate assemblies. It is taking some time for the new shoes and magnets to "mate" with the old drums. During this process, I was told by two different shops that the 10" brakes on our 298re are less than adequate, they should be 12".  The bummer is that it would require new axles, and most likely new wheels to fit over the bigger drums. 

There was a huge lesson to be learned that deals with my 2016 Ram 3500. The onboard system allows for (4) different trailers to be programmed. Each of those trailers can choose between (4) settings; light or heavy electric and light or heavy electric/hydraulic. Somehow, I inadvertently changed it to heavy Hydraulic and had no trailer brakes whatsoever because that setting only sends a weak low voltage signal to the trailer hydraulic pump. When I returned the setting to "light electric", the braking much improved. But the real kicker that I discovered is that the Ram only sends full voltage to the trailer brakes at speeds above 30mph. I tested this with a friends new GMC-3500. His feeds the trailer 13.5 volts at full gain, at any speed. While the Ram feeds the trailer 9.5 volts below 30mph, and 12.5 over 30mph. 

I cannot think of why Chrysler thinks that is necessary.

In Topic: 2021 324Cg

23 September 2020 - 01:19 PM

Wow, that's a biggin'! And I thought our 298 looked long...

Have fun, it's gorgeous. 

In Topic: New Member From Tennessee 2010 Keystone Outback 268Rl Super Lite

22 September 2020 - 05:01 PM

Hi Mark,

Welcome to this forum. This site is great, I have learned so much from all the helpful folks here. 

Your "new" trailer looks very nice. Having front and back doors will prove very handy I'm sure.

I'm sure others will chime in, but I will share what I know with you.


1. Deep Cycle Marine Battery - Our 298 holds (2) standard 12v batteries. I wanted to convert to (2) 6v, but unfortunately they are too tall. So I opted for 12v deep cycle from Costco. 

2. Short Queen Mattress - For us, one of those memory foam toppers did the trick. We were pessimistic, but we are pleased with it. I think it was around $100-, and I had to cut it to fit.

3. Awning - Our awning is now 12 years old and probably its last season. There's a ton of info and YouTube videos on the subject, so I'm not too concerned about that job. I may even have Camping World do it if it's reasonable.

4. Skylight - Our original one has faded and is brittle - Ours also has "crazing" around the edges. On the last trip, we were in snow and rain, and it leaked some. I was able to mend it with silicone sealer. I did some shopping online, and there are lots of different sizes. So I need to be careful to get the correct one. I also want to change from the smoke tint we now have to clear. Just to get more light in there. Hopefully that's not a mistake for summer time. 

5. Stabilizer Hitch - Our trailer came with an inexpensive "EX-Hitch" with equalizer bars and a single friction type anti-sway device. The hitch had a spot for an additional ball for a second anti-sway bar. So for about $60-, I added another. I could definitely feel an improvement. We use a 3500 Ram to pull with, so the tail wagging the dog wasn't horrible to begin with.

6. Replacement LED bulbs for lighting - We noticed immediately when we got our trailer that we could almost always hear the charger fan kick in when we ran some of the incadescent lights inside. So we replaced all 35 of them with LED retrofit type. It wasn't cheap, but definately worth it. Particularly if we're "dry" camping. I'm not sure if these are exactly the ones I got, but it's the same company. They work great, and are easy to install. https://m4products.c...aluminum-plate/

7. Locking Battery Cover - Never thought of it to be an issue. Nor have I ever heard of anyone complain that they've been ripped off. 


8. Best cleaner for the exterior - When it's really grimy, we use good old "Dawn" dish soap and water. The roof is pretty much impossible to get back to white. I just scrub it as best that I can and follow up with "Protect-All". It's a lot of work, so it only gets that once a year or so. 


Beyond that, I urge you to keep good tires on the trailer. Time more than wear is the big factor. Most seasoned trailer owners will suggest staying away from the Chinese brands. Although it's hard to find American manufactured trailer tires. Also, I discovered "E" rated 15" radials for very little extra money. 

In Topic: Toilet Valve Opens With Slightest Foot Pedal Pressure

09 July 2020 - 09:56 PM

Occasionally our valve is sticky, and won't hold water. I take a "Scotch" pad and clean the rubber seal as well as possible. Then apply some plumbers or dielectric silicone grease to it. Seems to help a lot. 

Probably not a solution to your problem, but I had to through this in...


In Topic: 08 23Rs Roof Material Type

19 May 2020 - 04:43 PM

I walk on our roof and I'm 210#. I don't do jumping jacks. The roof doesn't feel soft at all. 

We have to access the roof on occasion. My suggestion would be to give it a try, just be really careful and see how it feels. 

Good luck