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Brake Replacement

19 May 2020 - 04:56 PM

We had brake issues last season. Thank goodness for the exhaust brake on our Ram Cummins while descending from the San Diego mountains. 

I decided to not even fool with replacing components even though the shoes are hardly worn at all. The problem lies within the magnets. 

I looked on eTrailer to buy (4) brand new assemblies. Makes sense, and for less than $600- everything is new and simple bolt on. 

The problem is that they don't seem to have exactly what I need. After several emails with them, they threw in the towel. I'm dissapointed, and think there must be someone that has what I need. 

Does anyone else have a source for aftermarket brake assemblies? 

My 298re has AL-KO 4400# axles. The mounting bolt spacing is 2-7/8" all the way around. The assemblies they offer has different spacing. 

Thanks for any suggestions.


Another Cover

26 January 2020 - 11:59 AM

We got another cover from Camping World. They were "on sale". There were two to choose from . Not able to distinquish any significant difference in quality, we chose the the less expensive which is the "Pro Series". I think the other is Ultimate. The salesman said he didn't have any feedback from customer's on either cover. As such, he suggested going with the lower priced cover and buy the 3-year extended warranty. Which we did. 

Knowing these things barely will last 3 years, we bought the warranty for our last cover. But, I dropped the ball and didn't get it back in time. 

Something of interest; This new cover is dark, almost black, and the roof is a charcoal grey. Whereas the old covers were light brown with a white roof. I notice that the interior of the trailer is significantly warmer because of that.

I wonder if that can be a problem. Has anyone else had experience with these new dark colored covers?