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No Heat In Bedroom.

09 February 2021 - 12:41 PM

I have seen a few people with the same issue but no real solution or if anyone has completely fixed it. So here is my story. I have a 2020 outback 324cg and the rear bedroom receives next to no hot air from the vent. I took to the dealership to have this fixed under warranty, which it still is, and their response was "it's not broken and can't be fixed under warranty as there is still airflow, the techs use a sheet of paper and the airflow moved it which indicates that there no blockage". I ran this same test when I got home and the sheet of paper moved about a 1/4 inch before it stops. How, why would they consider this "airflow". airflow from the vent under the stove is great, from living area floor vent is great even though it a foot away from stove, vent in the garage is good, vent to underbelly I am assuming is good as I haven't had a freezing problem. I have blocked all the vents registers at the blower box to see if the airflow would increase, it is a no for that. We have had to use a small space heater to keep the bedroom warm on some of the cold camping nights. My next move it to drop the belly pan and water tank. Has anyone found a good fix for this>? Anyone have videos or pictures of this being done? Thank you for any advice


Edit- I am waiting on my airflow meter to come in so i can take readings at all the vents to make a video to send to Keystone warranty.

New Member In Sc

09 February 2021 - 12:30 PM

hello everyone, New member in sc. We are a family of three and a dog. We currently have a 2020 Outback 324CG. We try to go out at least one weekend a month and most of the summer as i am retired military and my wife is a teacher.