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In Topic: Tire Pressure? Balance New Tires? Keystone Outback 210Rs

27 July 2019 - 12:27 AM

On trailers with two axles or more, the tires should be inflated to the maximum pressure associated with the load PSI rating molded on the sidewall (and only if the wheel/rim is appropriately rated) for tires that have a maximum of 85 PSI or less. You can read more about it here: RV and Tow Vehicle Tire Inflation Procedures and Load Charts      


I have always balanced my trailer tires. It's really a personal choice. Read more here: https://www.etrailer...ion-135668.html

In Topic: Trailer Length Vs. Wheelbase. The Old Calcs Don't Seem To Work Anymore.

16 April 2019 - 11:24 AM

Actually, you have discovered the reason that old calculation method has mostly been eliminated a long time ago. Unfortunately, there are still a few remnants of that formula floating around the internet. 


First and foremost, read the vehicle's owner's manual towing section. Some manuals warn not to tow a trailer when the trailer's frontal area exceeds a specific square footage. Most truck manufacturers use SAE J2807 towing test standard for publishing the GCWR and the TWR for each vehicle. However, these ratings are specific for the truck at its base weight and configuration. It is important to learn what the tow ready realistic vehicle towing capacity (RVTC) is for you only. Just because someone else may have been towing something successfully does not mean you can do the same. 


It is a bit more difficult to learn the RVTC when shopping for a new truck but with careful estimation and knowing the weight of the tow-ready truck, you can obtain good RVTC to ensure you will not exceed the truck's weight safety ratings. Most of the time, the RVTC will prevent one from buying a trailer too long. 

Additionally, having the best quality and properly configured hitch assembly will help with safely towing trailers that appear to be too long for the tow vehicle. Sometimes, one will need to back up the tow vehicle to the trailer tongue and take a good long look at it. If they have any doubt about the safely of towing that trailer, then they shouldn't buy it.


Here is an article that may help you prepare for the search for the right tow vehicle: My Truck Pulls It Just Fine, Truck Buyers Beware

In Topic: Which 1-Ton Van?

11 February 2019 - 01:43 PM

We're fortunate have Dave as a member on this forum to offer his extensive knowledge on towing and other RV related topics.  I had the pleasure of meeting Dave in person once....great guy!  Hope all is well Dave!




Thank you, Todd. I'm always glad to help. For the most part, I'm doing fairly well. I'm not able to travel far away until I can get a health issue under control. 

In Topic: Which 1-Ton Van?

06 February 2019 - 09:36 PM

I understand. Here is a link to an article I wrote. Hopefully, you can gain some insight and helpful info. 


SAFETY IS IN THE NUMBERS | Trailer Towing With a Van or SUV