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Lock Cylinder Change On 250Urs

05 February 2018 - 10:58 PM

My 2018 250URS has 3 exterior doors. Two are standard travel trailer doors with Wesco locksets. The third is a half/bike door. The trailer comes from the factory with 3 separate keys (which I think is stupid).


** Basically, I want one key that opens all three doors and deadbolts. ** I had this on my last trailer, but it was a result of the FIC recall. The new trailer obviously doesn't have that issue.



The two standard doors can replace lock cylinders with like keyed cylinders easy enough. The bike door has a Bauer lock on it. My FIC rekey tool does not remove that cylinder.



Does anyone know if Bauer has a key to remove the cylinder?  I see Bauer "Master Keys" on the Internet, but I assume that is truly a master key instead of a replacement tool.

Would that lockset use the same type of cylinder (and therefore key) as the FIC locksets, if I find a way to remove it?

Has anyone replaced the Bauer lockset (or did previous years come with) Wesco door lockset?


Any other means you can think of to meet my ** intent above ** is appreciated.


Thanks in advance.



Recent Posts List

06 January 2018 - 10:44 PM

This is the only forum that I am on without a page showing the most current topics/threads/ posts.  Tapatalk shows them to me with current details, but the site only shows "Recent Topics" with the original poster and start date. No reply dates, no latest reply name, no thread response counts, it is just odd, This seems like it should be one of the default forum items. 


Maybe it is supposed to be under pages, but that just gives me an error page.

250Urs Questions, Questions, Questions . . .

28 July 2017 - 10:52 PM

We are looking at a new 2017 250URS from afar. We have seen other models locally, but not the one we are interested in.


1. Are there 110VAC outlets in the bunk area?


2. Are there USB outlets in the bunk area?


3. Are there 110VAC outlets by the main bed?


4. Are there USB or 12VDC outlets by the main bed?


5. Is the small door actually large enough to get a bike inside?


6. The other model Outbacks in this size do not vent the range exhaust fan outside. I have never seen a TT that did't have a flapper vent for the range hood. Does the 250URS have this?  Isn't that a bit dangerous?  Has anyone done it themselves?




Thanks in advance!!