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In Topic: Outback Loft Sighted

04 June 2013 - 10:00 PM

I just purchased one! Didn't realize how rare the Loft was!? I was hoping to meet many on this forum! I have gone from a 17 foot Bigfoot ( I call it a "pod") to " battleship gallactica! What a difference. Took it out this past weekend and had so many people want to have a "look... see"! We are excited about this purchase. Wondering why more were not made!? Wondering if I can find any additional info on the loft, anywhere!? Please write if you know..... Can't wait to meet some of you.... We are living on Vancouver island, but will be travelling LOTS now.....come say HI... Mae-Claire and my husband Lindsay and our two boys!

In Topic: Outback Loft Sighted

04 June 2013 - 09:53 PM

Sunday (yesterday) I-5 northbound just south of Marysville being towed by a gold/tan Chevy w/canopy.

You should have followed them and got them on the site. We need a West Coast Loft Outbacker.

You do have a west coast loft outbacker, I forget who it is, but there is one person on here that has one.

I didn't know that...thought you were our only Loft owner.

No there are three other loft owners, I am almost positive that one of them is west coast