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In Topic: 08 23Rs Roof Material Type

19 May 2020 - 04:43 PM

I walk on our roof and I'm 210#. I don't do jumping jacks. The roof doesn't feel soft at all. 

We have to access the roof on occasion. My suggestion would be to give it a try, just be really careful and see how it feels. 

Good luck

In Topic: Tv To Trailer Wiring Question

07 May 2020 - 10:31 AM

I appreciate your concern of the parasitic draw provided by the new monitor. I like your suggestion of wiring it to the 12V feed from the truck, with the idea that the monitor will only draw power when connected to the truck. On my trailer, I have a digital volt meter at the electrical panel inside the trailer. When on shore power, it reads 13.8. When hooked to the truck it reads closer to 14. But, when I turn off the battery switch next to the batteries, there's no voltage at the meter. Even with truck hooked up and running. 

I say all of this because there's different parameters and situations. Therefore, I think the only way to answer your question is to get out a volt meter that has continuity capability, and a simple test light. Start playing around to see where you can hook up your monitor for the result you need. 

Perhaps I've made more of this than was necessary, but I think I understand what you're after. My guess is that it will just take some patience to work through it. Might be handy to have a helper with you.

In Topic: Tv To Trailer Wiring Question

05 May 2020 - 01:37 PM

Interesting topic for me because I recently discovered differences with different rigs. 

First concerning the battery switch issue. My suggestion would be use a simple volt meter, or even a test light and experiment to see what's hot and what's not via the battery switch. Should be pretty simple to determine. 

That said, I would first check to see that your 2009 GM truck is actually providing 12V to the trailer when connected and running. My friend has a 2009 GMC (basically same truck). We discovered (by accident) that even though the truck came with trailer package, it was not charging the trailer battery when connected and running. He found out that he had to go to dealer for some sort of relay to make it happen. Seems crazy...  But, it was inexpensive and a simple plug in. 

I just felt it might be worth checking. Neither my '02 Ford, or my '16 Ram needed this to work. 

Good luck, I hope some of this may help

In Topic: 250Rss Replacement Rear Filon Wall

28 April 2020 - 03:50 PM

Geez, what a mess. my sympathies...

In Topic: Electric Fireplace

17 April 2020 - 09:24 AM


I'm a bit late with a response, sorry for that. Our trailer does not have a fireplace. However, and not knowing what you've already tried, I offer this.

Assuming you have checked the circuit breaker at the panel, I would check for a breaker at the unit. Start by turning off the main breaker that feeds the fireplace. Then see if there's an easy removal of a cover. Very often appliances of this nature will have a simple breaker at the unit. Usually a push button. If not, I would carefully use an induction tester and see if power is getting to the unit. 

If you're not comfortable with any of this, take it to a professional. Good luck