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2005 23rs For Sale!!!!! Texas---sold-----

05 September 2007 - 06:26 PM

Finally got everything moved over to the new trailer and am ready to list. We have a 2005 23RS that is in excellent shape. It will come with everything you need to head out to the lake. Included will be the WD hitch and sway bar set-up, an Atwood 2500 power tounge jack, 2 tv's, hoses, rugs and I'm sure other assorted goodies. It has been a great trailer, but as the family has grown it was time to upgrade. The sale price is $15,000, this will include the remainder of our extended warranty (4.5 yrs). Without the warranty, I will let it go for $14000. The trailer is located in South East Texas (around Beaumont) and delivery is possible. Trailer is easy to pull with a 1/2 ton and has been a joy. It has had no issues and has not been back to the dealer for any repairs. Thanks for the interest and good luck with your trailer shopping, just make sure its an OUTBACK............


Quick Question On Atwood 3500

22 August 2007 - 07:00 PM

Had a new OB Sydney 32BHDS delivered on Monday. I had an Atwood 3500 installed pre-delivery. The base plate on the Atwood says 2500 max. Is this correct? I have a 2500 on my 23RS and it also states 2500 max. I paid for the 3500, did they install the incorrect jack? If any of you have access to your Atwood, I would really appreciate it if you can check your base plate and let me know. Thanks, Kirk

Just Arrived--08 32bhds

20 August 2007 - 11:31 AM

New "home away from home" was just delivered this morning from Lakeshore. I have been going over everything I could think of and all seems to be in order. It really looks like a neat trailer that we will enjoy for quite awhile. Anyone think of anything to check over that I may have missed? Getting caught up in the excitement of a new trailer, I am sure I missed something. All suggestions will be appreciated......Kirk