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In Topic: Just About To Buy An 2009 Outback 27L Loft Or Hate?

22 April 2020 - 10:08 PM

Pro's and Con's of the Loft:



  • The trailer is under 30' (most campsites don't do over 30' very well or have limited larger spaces)
  • Light weight aluminum and fiberglass make the rig about 7,000 lbs dry (8,500 loaded and wet) - so some 1/2 ton pickups can tow it.  
  • Sleeps a lot of kids (3 small ones fit on the kitchen, 2 on the futon couch and 3 teenagers up in the loft - My wife and I get the queen bed of course)
  • You can put kids to bed if the adults want to stay up (send the kids to bed in the loft and the adults and stay up and talk down stairs)
  • The 4' cargo ramp and garage (with the Murphy bed) area makes it really easy to load.  
  • The second story loft is awesome to watch movies in or hang out during the day. 
  • Everyone wants to ask you about it (I guess that could be a con...???)


  • The top is drafty - meaning that the top vinyl is not insulated and the cold air drafts down through the stair opening.  Our solution was a 2" rigid insulation board that was cut to sit on top of the opening at night.  
  • It takes time to lower and put away the top properly.  Each of the four corners need to zipped up when putting it up and then unzipped when putting it down.  It takes a little but of crawling around and puling on the canvas to make sure everything is in and then the top can be locked down with the latches.  
  • It is tall and wind can catch it when towing.  Not a big deal but I have had to manually throw the trailer brakes and step on the gas to stop it from swaying a couple of times.  Once was going over a high bridge and a gust wind caught it just right (I'm sure a lot of you have stories like that but adding a few more feet of "sail" on the back end doens't help in those situations.  
  • Can't put the top away wet
  • Little kids and stairs

I think that is about it.  The design is very efficient.  You get the most space possible for a trailer under 30' which means you fit at all the camp sites.  I also like the outdoor stove as it can get hot in the kitchen on hot days.  


There may be a few more things but I think I captured the big things.  

In Topic: Outback Loft Sighted

22 April 2020 - 09:43 PM

Hey, I'm a west coast Loft'r! 


We got ours in 2010 and live in the Sacramento area.  

In Topic: Bring Back The Loft

22 April 2020 - 09:34 PM

The reason they are discontinued (in my opinion) is that they came out with it in 2008.  It was discontinued in 2009. 


I can't imagine why there wasn't more of a demand for this model in 2009...


Sarcasm aside I think it was just bad timing for something novel.  I saw an add for one and had to have one.  We picked up a new 2009 in early 2010.  When we roll into a campground, pop the top everyone wants to see it.  Its fun offering tours to anyone who wants to look inside.  I let them sit up top on the couch looking over eveyrone with a nice 360 deg view.    

In Topic: Outback Loft 2009 27L

22 April 2020 - 09:22 PM

This is an old post but since I have had to repair the pulley system once (the kids tried to raise the top with the top latches still locked down). 


It is a pretty simple mechanism with a cable winch, cables and pulleys that run along the sides (under some side boards) that push up on a big spring looking thing (at each of the four corners) that is able to flex and turn 90 degs up while still pushing up the top.