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Water Heater Anode Rod- What The Heck!

12 December 2016 - 07:43 PM

We have had our 2017 250urs for about 6 months. We have camped a total of 18 nights. This past Thur. I went ahead and winterized it. When I pulled the anode to drain tank, I found that is very pitted and almost eaten 50% thru near the threads. I think is is very excessive for as little as it has been used. Any thoughts on why it would be this bad?

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Fence Post For Sewer Pipe Mod.

06 October 2016 - 10:24 AM

Yes, most every one does it so here is mine:





5" PVC fence post from Home Despot, 2 end caps, a few bits of misc hardware.


It sits on top of the bumper. Trunk hatch clears it by about 1/2". Will hold 2 sections of hose and elbow.

Back Up Camera

05 October 2016 - 07:55 PM

Been doing a few mods on the 250urs this week.


Installed a back up camera on the trailer : http://www.costco.co....100082956.html


This is a well made, heavy duty set up. I have put a few back up cameras on my truck- cheap ones, $40 or so, and this is not like them. I is built like a tank. The cable that goes to camera is nice with heavy connectors. Camera is powered down this line, so no need to find power near camera.


The cameras on most campers are mounted at the top near the clearance lights. But not knowing how to get the wire from back to front thru the roof, I went a different way


I made a bracket that mounts on top of the drop down spare tire bracket. I is still low enough that the slide can can go out with tire in up-right position. I made this out of allummin flat bar. I am a bit worried that it will flex to much, but can weld up a steel one if it does.


I used 3/4 pvc conduit pipe next to frame to run the wires to the front. the cable is longggg. I had about 12' more than I needed. I just looped it and zip tied it for now. After a few runs and all bugs are worked out, I will take the connector head apart and shorten it. It has a coiled wire that goes from this connector to the TV. This allows for flex and bends between camper and truck.


The viewer head is nice and well made. I is kind of big, about like a 10" tablet. I was able to also hook my cheap truck back up camera into this viewer also. I supports up to 3 cameras. Right now I have it setting beside the A-pillow post. I am going to try it here and see if I need to change it.


I took about 2.5 hrs, most of that making bracket and running/ securing conduit.

Converter Upgrade

05 October 2016 - 07:35 PM

We had our 2017 250urs out for our first "real" camping trip last week for 4 nights. Before we had only stayed 1 night in it when we picked it up. We found that most everything was good, but by the 2nd night the lights were getting dim. We were hooked to shore power, but with the lights burning full on ( Pete, my handicap cousin does not see well and needs the light), radio running or tv going, the converter was not keeping up with the draw.


That 2nd night, a storm was coming and I wanted to put in the awning and the batteries were to low to do the job. I had my battery jump box with me and used it to boost them enough to get it in. That played heavy on my mine, so a 2 am I was up learning more about RV elect. systems.


My late night research made me come to a few conclusions:


1. RV makers put the smallest/ cheapest converter in them to keep cost low.

2. Said cheap converters will hurt you batteries in the long run.

3. When you stay up 2.5 hrs learning this, your butt will be dragging the next day!


So, first thing I did when I got home was to order this:



This puts more power into battery, and has an automatic step charge- more to charge, less to maintain. It also has 2 cooling fan and a remote so you can change charge rate if you want. It also does auto desulfation to help with battery life.


I came yesterday. It took me about 45 min to put in, that included putting a battery cut off switch on the battery box up front. Instruction were clear enough and it came down to 9 screws- 2 on the cover panel, 2 that hold converter in place, and 5 for the wires.


Very simple upgrade but worth it I think.


Equalizer Noise

07 August 2016 - 08:12 PM

Ok I will just see what the hive mind has to say:


We got our new 250ours and had an Equalizer hitch installed at Camping world. They set it up on our 2007 Toy Tundra.


We pulled from the bay over to their campground for the first night as a trail run of camper. Heard what I think were normal clunks in turns Un-hooked to go out for supper.

Reattached the next day and all seamed good. We went into a small town to shop. As we were making turns in town, we get a loud chatter sound. I thought one of the stabilizer legs had dropped.

Hopped out and checked but they were up. Wife watched while I made slow turns. She thinks chatter is coming from arms sliding on L brackets.

I have order the bracket covers, jackets, what ever they are called and will see if that helps.

This ring any bells to any one?