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  1. Outback Maintenance
    cannot find this! We have an 08' Outback 21RS. While sleeping, the bottom metal hook for the back slide broke(snapped) completely off. This is the part that the metal supports for the slide snap into. It is metal. Anyone have a clue? Kinda makes my slider useless.
  2. Problems, Solutions & After Market
    I have a 2006 21rs Keystone Outback that stopped charging last year. I've had the batteries checked and they are fine. If I plug the shoreline into the truck and run the truck, it charges the batteries. If I plug the shoreline into the house or generator, it doesn't charge the batteries. BUT...
  3. 21RS
    I've read the brochure for those years, but it seems to list ALL the options for ALL the different Outback models. Does anyone know what was available specifically for the 21RS? Also, it seems like most of the options listed were standard for the 21RS. Hard to tell. Just like the 2018 models...
  4. New Outback RV
    Still Shopping for our first Trailer but we have our heart set on the Outback 21RS 2006, 2007 or 2008. We've done some research about the used value and comparison-shopped on the internet to see how much they go for. Read the forums on here about the delamination, roof leaks and other problems...
  5. Outback Modifications
    Wanted to put an electric tongue jack, the Jack Quick 3500, on our 2007 21rs but after installing it, I couldn't get the propane cover tank cover back on. Tried every angle I could! Am I missing something, or do I need a lower profile jack? I've seen pictures of older 21rs' with electric jacks...
  6. Marketplace
    Looking to purchase a used 21, 23 or 25RS Outback. A tree fell on our beloved 21RS during Hurricane Matthew. We would love to buy one ASAP so we can drive it across country in November. We would need it to be within 400 miles of Charlotte, NC.
1-6 of 6 Results