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  1. Problems, Solutions & After Market
    Good afternoon, the wife and i are itching for our next camping trip but have a few things to get fixed before we take off. one item that is more annoying than important is the outdoor speakers, one of them blew when she turned it up to max and wasn't sure why we couldn't here the movie inside...
  2. Problems, Solutions & After Market
    Went Camping this past weekend and had a great time....until we pulled our rear slide in without laying the couch down. Tour the couch cushion and tore the 'box' that the couch mounts to out of the floor and off the wall. My question is has anyone else had the same brain fart or is this new...
  3. Outback HVAC & Appliances
    I have a 2016 outback 250urs. We are starting to get into the hot season here in Tennessee. The ac is struggling to keep it cool. This being my first RV so not sure if this is normal or not. I thought it being such a small space it would keep it pretty frosty and cool. I haven't checked for...
  4. New Outback RV
    Got my new 250urs last week! Can't wait to get it on the road! :ibbanana:
1-4 of 4 Results