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  1. New Member Check-In
    Just bought a used Outback 2007 25RSS from a relative in Montana. We currently live in Denver, and was wondering if anyone knew of any good shipping companies that would ship it from Whitefish, MT to Denver, CO?? Thanks-
  2. Towing Issues & Vehicles
    Hello All, I recently purchased a 2011 Outback 250RS, 10th anniversary edition, the trailer I always wanted because the configuration is perfect for me and my needs. Now, I own a 2007 F150 FX-4 with a V8 5.4 liter triton engine. Question is simple. Is my truck suitable to pull this without...
  3. Outback HVAC & Appliances
    Hi all, I have a 25rss. The fridge is dead and it is definitely the cooling unit. Of course there was meat in there when it died so now it stinks. I might have a line on a dm2852 which looks exactly the same except for the height as the rm2652. Above the fridge there is a little sort of...
  4. Outback Modifications
    I searched and could not find any posting for upgrading from a manual awning to an electric one. Have a 2006 25RSS with the manual awning was damaged in an accident, insurance company is paying for full replacement. Decided to upgrade from the Dometic 8500 series to the electric 9100 series. My...
  5. Outback HVAC & Appliances
    We have a deposit on a 2003 25RSS. We know it will need a new refrigerator - the original went out 2.5yrs ago, and they replaced it with just a dorm fridge. What model is the fridge that was standard or equivalent to what Keystone put in the Outback in 2003? Thanks! Can't wait for this upgrade...
1-5 of 5 Results