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  1. Outback - Travel Trailers
    Hi all! I'm brand new to the forum and to RV'ing in general. I've been reading and watching YouTube videos for the last 3 years and think I'm ready to jump in with ownership of a travel trailer! My brother-in-law's brother is selling his 2013 Keystone Outback 312BH and he's giving me first...
  2. Problems, Solutions & After Market
    Has anyone been able to source the hurricane hinge for the outside galley door for the 10th Anniversary 312BH, or have a solution to replace that hinge? The door shock locked up on me, I reached up to close the door, and it split the hurricane hinge... the split is only ~8 inches, on the part...
  3. Outback Maintenance
    Hey all, i have a 2015 312 BH and the roof seems to be a hard PVC type roof or something - not the traditional rubber roof that was on my last 3 TT's. This one seems to be one hard piece and is tied in on the sides with the same material that seals around the roof vents, AC, etc. Anyone know...
1-3 of 3 Results