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  1. Outback Modifications
    2007 23RS. Anybody mount a tv to the the side of the pantry wall where the mirror is mounted? It seems hollow. wondering if anyone has opened it to add reinforcement for a tv mount. It looks like its 7/8" open to run cables up it. anyone remove that panel? Pics?
  2. Problems, Solutions & After Market
    I was wondering if anyone has open the closed in area in the bathroom next to the toilet. It doesn't seem to have anything in there and i was going to put a door on it for storage. If you have pics that would be great.
  3. Outback Modifications
    So, after purchasing our NTU 2007 Outback 23rs I noticed that the tilt out drawer on top of a nice kitchen cabinet seemed a little useless. It has all this room behind it. It should have been a real drawer. Mod time.. New drawer done. Removed face from tilt out and attached. Then I will just...
1-3 of 3 Results