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  1. Outback Travel Trailers and Fifth Wheels
    I'm very excited to find this forum, already been trolling numerous mods that I am hoping to do with my 2018 240urs. I do need some help in identifying the name of this type of connector that is used on the rear slide electrical LED light connection. If anyone has a link where I could buy...
  2. Problems, Solutions & After Market
    Went Camping this past weekend and had a great time....until we pulled our rear slide in without laying the couch down. Tour the couch cushion and tore the 'box' that the couch mounts to out of the floor and off the wall. My question is has anyone else had the same brain fart or is this new...
  3. Problems, Solutions & After Market
    Help! I am in search of replacement guide rails/support for my 2003 Outback 25RSS. The dealer wants $500 just for parts. I cannot even find the rear slideout mentioned in the manual- let alone the exact name to search for replacement parts. Pic below points to what I am missing. Any thoughts?
  4. Problems, Solutions & After Market
    I have just purchased a 2005 Outback 21RS. I've noticed that the left rear corner molding about in line with the rear slide upper gusset support has moved back about 3/8" when rear slide extended. I suspect that there might be a welded joint in that area that has broken and causing the weight...
1-4 of 4 Results