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  1. New Outback RV
    Good Morning fellow campers, My wife and i are fairly new to camping. this is our first TT. always borrowed my parents. Anyway, we've had it out a few times nothing longer than 4-5 days so far and noticed a few small issues but nothing the dealer didn't fix pretty quickly. My biggest question...
  2. General RV Discussion
    Hello my fellow Outbackers!! I am looking for an aerial photo of a 210 roof. The more vertical the angle the better. Several photos of different angles would be great as well. Need it for reference points for an upcoming project. May even overlay with measurements between objects on the...
  3. Outback Maintenance
    Hey all, i have a 2015 312 BH and the roof seems to be a hard PVC type roof or something - not the traditional rubber roof that was on my last 3 TT's. This one seems to be one hard piece and is tied in on the sides with the same material that seals around the roof vents, AC, etc. Anyone know...
1-3 of 3 Results