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  1. Outback Travel Trailers and Fifth Wheels
    Quick question to all, Should we or should we not use slide supports under slideouts? Industry seams to say no, common sense would say yes however the industry does have some good points. Opinions?
  2. 23KRS
    I need to replace the slide out seals. Water comes in when water is sitting on top and the slide is pushed in. Where can I get the parts needed?
  3. Problems, Solutions & After Market
    We just purchased a 2014 OUtback 301BQ through private sale. We went on an 11 day trip in June at two different parks and did not have any issues with the slide. We were preparing to go again last week and when we put the slide out to start packing, the main slide (dinette/couch) made a...
  4. Outback Modifications
    Keystone didn't put any electrical outlets on the slide-out, which is pretty silly. So I decided to put two receptacles in myself. I'm not sure what this does for the warranty but I reaaaaally wanted power there. I bought a bunch of parts and did a pretty clean install I think. Plus, I have 2...
1-4 of 4 Results