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I just did a couple mods that I think will be very helpful. I added a clothes shelf attached to the bottom of the lower bunk. I used folding shelf brackets so it can be folded flat and tucked under the bunk if we want to use the bunk which is rarely. The bed frame has aluminum cross members so screwed into one of them and the other side used toggle bolts. Take the luan off the bed shelf first and you will be able to work there. The second mod was to double the depth of the drawer in the closet, there is plenty of room back there and doesn't really eat into the storage bin below it. I used full extension 32" drawer slides so the drawer can come all the way out.


Shelf brackets:
Wood Building Gas Composite material Electrical wiring
Tire Vehicle Wheel Automotive tire Hood
Wood Rectangle Chair Table Outdoor furniture

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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