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I used to have a 2008 21RS which I think is pretty much the same as floor plan as the 23RS. It was the older style as far as finishes go, but the some of my mods should still work for you. There was a post where I showed them all but the pictures don't show up anymore.

Here are some you might like.

First is the most important mod of all. When I sold the trailer I took it off and mounted it to the side of the step on our 250RS.

Extend-a-shower. It really gives more room to maneuver.

A Vortex II replacement fan for the bathroom. It moves a ton of air and was easy to install in the existing vent.

A set of levels at the tongue installed without drilling holes.

Magazine racks over the dinette and couch.

Quickie chocks made from scrap pressure treated 2x4. They fit tight enough that they can't flip when the tires press on them. Very easy to throw down in a hurry when setting up that I come back with the locking chocks for stability.

This is the mod I have gotten the most positive feedback on. We rarely use the outdoor sink and my wife wanted somewhere to set a hot pot. It's a 12x12 ceramic tile with scrap wood glued to it with liquid nails. Made it to fit snuggly in the sink. It can also be taken out for use on a plastic picnic table.

Hope this is what you are looking for.
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