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Anyone now of a thicker toilet seal after adding plank flooring?

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So, I'm replacing the floor in a 2007 23rs after the vinyl flooring cracked over the winter. Using Plank LVT. the main area went in without issue. The bathroom is the issue. I removed the toilet. The new flooring is 1/4 thicker. Not sure the flange unscrews, at least, I can't get it too. Is there a thicker replacement seal? Anyone else have this issue? Any insight? Any pics if it does unscrew? Trying not to create more damage. Thanks in advance.
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the one provided “should“ work, if not get a new one as it’s probably compressed from being used. Flange is probably glued in but should be screwed to the floor, can try and unscrew it and see if it lifts off.
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