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I'm hoping to take delivery of my new 28 BHS within the week. What have you other Outback owners had to do after taking delivery? I saw that the wheel well needed to be braced...but is that still a problem on 04's?

Do standard Queen bed sheets and blankets fit? How about the bunks? What size do we buy?

It seems that many of the little things that people had to adjust on there own when Outbacks first came out have been corrected by the factory.

How do the counter tops and sink hold up against scratches and gouges?

Has anyone converted the window sill behind the couch to lift up and provide access to that compartment from the inside?

Any specific cleaning agents to use on the tub, counter tops, sink, floor, etc.?

How does the 13,500 BTU AC handle hot summer days?

How are the Duro tires holding up?

What have you used in your cabinets to utilize the space to the fullest?

Has any one augmented the wood panel under the mattress and installed lift supports? Is it worth the trouble?

I'm sure I'll have more once I pick it up.

I'm also looking for a pre-delivery checklist if anyone has one.

Thanks to all who reply.

Johnny Rayburg

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I'll answer what I can...
Our counter tops are holding up well so far. No scratches.

Our A/C works great, but we live and camp in the North.

We use normal household cleaning agents to clean the Outback. I use a Shark Cordless Sweeper to sweep the floors, and it works fast.

No tire problems.

I found some Rubbermaid sliding drawers at the local Home Center and installed them in the pantry to make access easier. They are also nice because I can bring them in the house to load, and carry them out and slide them in.
I also lined the cabinets and drawers with the padded liners to keep things from shifting.

As far as checklists and questions, here are some links:

Doug's Checklists
RV Netlinx

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The countertops have held up fine. The A/C has done the job well for us here in the humid northeast. The wheelwells on ours had braces, but they were not attached to the plastic skirt. I just drilled a hole and used a stainless screw to secure them. I use heavy cardboard boxes with the lids cut off to hold all the "outside" stuff like jacks, blocking etc. I just take out the boxes and get what I need rather than hunting around a cluttered storage space.

Most of all enjoy camping and don't let any little glitches bother you

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Ok Johnny, here goes.
As far as the fender wells, our first Outback had braces but no screws securing them. Our 2nd Outback, the fenders were attached properly. I'll explain the first and second Outbacks in another post soon.

Queen bedding fits fine with a little extra. Twin sets for the bunks with a little extra. You can get RV bedding at Camping World but it's probably a little higher in price than your tipical WalMart beding.

It's up to you as for little changes you might want to make after you getyour trailer. I think they could have thought out some storage issues a little more carefully on my 21RS.

Have had no problems with counter tops. We use tipical non abrasive cleaners.

The AC has worked well for us. Bare in mind that when it's 105 degrees outside, the AC isn't going to make it 65 in the trailer. But it does make it very comfortable.

the tires are doing well so far. Proper inflation is very inportant.

In addition to the plastic tubs previously mentioned which are very handy, I installed a couple of those white wire baskets with the runners at the bottom and they work well.

The rest of your questions don't pertain to my model. Look at RV.NET for some great checklists. Now,,, ENJOY THAT NEW RV !!!
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