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Bubbling? Anyway experienced it?

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Just read on the Forum about some Outbacks having a "bubbling" problem. Don't know what this is exactly. Has anyone had this problem or can shed some light on it? Does it occur on the roof, sides, ends or whatever?

Ours is sitting out in the hot sun at the dealership waiting for a new outside stove. I haven't noticed any bubbles, but it has spent most of its off time in a warehouse not outside.
Just curious...
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If they're referring to the wavy front panel, it's doesn't seem to be anything to worry about. My dealer said they called keystone when the outbacks first came out and keystone said it is not delamination but the way the front panel is attached to the front of the trailer. I would think any other bubbling on the side panels is delamination and should be fixed right away.
I saw the info on bubbling on another forum and not sure what's going on.

After having just finished waxing the outside of our 25FB - I KNOW there is no bubbling anywhere in the fiberglas surface of the trailer!
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