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Hi all! I'm brand new to the forum and to RV'ing in general. I've been reading and watching YouTube videos for the last 3 years and think I'm ready to jump in with ownership of a travel trailer!

My brother-in-law's brother is selling his 2013 Keystone Outback 312BH and he's giving me first dibs. He said he'll sell it to me for $15,000 with all the accessories and things he's bought over the years.

My newbie questions are:
-how do I know if that's a good price? Online listings range from $18,000-28,000, but not sure what they actually sell for.

-I've watched a dozen videos about what to look for when I examine the trailer, so I think I know the basics.
(Examine roof, look for signs of compromised surface, seals, caulk, vents, any delamination, leaking windows, water of any sort, obvious signs of repair, turn on everything, operate everything, etc)

- Is there anything that Outbackers would recommend I triple check?
Like, there are known issues with the _ or a tendency for __ to break?

Any general advice for someone buying their first rig?
What do you wish you knew when you started?
What is your favorite piece of gear?
First thing you would do if/when you bought a 9-year-old rig?

Thank you so much!
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