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I am sure everyone 'loves' the Outback Radio/CD undercounter gem they have given us.

Ours still buzzes, starts right after converter fan kicks on...after investigative work, we were able to figure that one.....does not matter whether radio or playing Cd...because radio runs off 12V I guess.

#1- How can I remove it from 12 V....red wire? with noise, I would rather use batteries or get new radio and plug into wall socket by microwave plug.

#2- If I cannot disconnect from 12V, how do I disconnect completely?



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Hello David:

And you have a mystery there. I kind of suspect that you have a weak or bad ground somewhere that is causing your radio noise. It could also be just a rotten radio which wouldn't be the first in our Outbacks!

I'm not sure exactly how to disconnect your radio but it should be easy if you do a little poking around the wires back there with a 12V test light to find the hot lead.

However, with a new trailer why not take it to the dealer for service and solve the problem? If you just have a bad radio then no harm in just disconnecting as you are considering. But if you DO have a bad ground somewhere, perhaps even in the converter wiring, then you will just be delaying a future problem.

After my Sister took delivery of her new 26RS and found that all of the wires in the fuse box were loose, and some not even screwed down, I would reccomend getting it in for service. There may be a larger problem hiding.
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