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We just stayed there this past weekend- some good stuff, some bad.

The beachfront campsites are right on the beach- 50ft stroll to the surf. The most inland of the sites are also closest to the train tracks- you'll hear the trains from anywhere in the campground, but especially there.

www.doheneystatebeach.org has a good campsite map, complete with photos if you click on a particular site on the map.

Your fellow campers- hmm, how shall I say this. . . Most are fine. But, have you ever noticed that the closer you are to a big city, the more particular your clientelle? Like, maybe, people who aren't really camping, but are still at home? Sort of like full-timers, but not in the nice-old-retired-couple sense. Well, there are a few of those, like the guy a few spaces over with the (chained) pit bull, who recited scripture to all within earshot (the guy, not the dog). (I didn't hear him, but others did and warned me, mostly about the dog).

But anyway, space 28 and the ones around it surround a nice little grassy area that's great for kids. The beachfront spaces are ideal, but fill up quickly. Nearby (short drive or bike ride) is Dana Point harbor and an ocean learning center that's fun for kids, at least for a couple of hours. The beaches have high bacteria levels after a rainstorm, or so the signs say.

Overall a fun place to stay, especially for one so close to civilization.
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