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Dutch Ovens

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Ok...any other Dutch Oven chefs out there? Got any good recipes to share, just post away. The reason I got into it in the first place was by reading internet forums like this. I have also gotten friends of mine into it as well. There isn't a firefighter in the station who doesn't BEG for my Apple Cobbler!
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We used to use them all the time when I was in the Scouts, let's see, that was.....well, lets just say it was a long time ago. I have it on my short list of things to buy for the new 26RS, and I can't wait to make my first meal in it. I am a huge fan of one pot meals, and I really want to see how shepards pie comes out in the "ole cast iron"!

We have one, but haven't used it that much. Back when I lead a lot of teen caravans though it was a staple item in the ol'wagon. Used to make one called Beef Lukiaki, sounds gross, but kids ate it up. 1lb ground beef, 1 box of minute rice, 1 #10 can of green beans and salt. sounds gross huh? You'd be amazed after hiking all day how good it is, then again I've never fed it to my kids!

Mostly we've done the basics, cobblers, etc. I'd love to get back into it, hope some folks have some good recipes to share.
Hi jman, Use them all the time in the scout troop my boy's are in. Aithough I am not the chef I have seen some good stuff cooked up, from coobler,pineapple upside down cake, swiss steak, lasagna and others. I will check with our scout master and try to get some reciepes. Anything you want to know about? kirk
I have some FOREST TESTED recipes that I have made. Most came from others or D.O. Cookbooks. I like getting back to the basics when I can. (I know what you're thinking..."yea right...cooks over an open fire...and then eats it in front of satelite TV in the air conditioned OUTBACK!"
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NDJollyMon: Are you sharing your recipe for that "Apple Cobbler"?
Sounds great!

There is a fireman is our household too!!!
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(I know what you're thinking..."yea right...cooks over an open fire...and then eats it in front of satelite TV in the air conditioned OUTBACK!"
There isn't anything necessarily wrong with that, now is there. After all, we have to get our monies worth from the 'ole Outbacks don't we?

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2-cans Apple Pie Filling
1-white or yellow cake mix (I like SUPERMOIST)
Butter or margarine stick
brown sugar (optional)

Pour cans of filling in bottom of dutch oven. (I line it with aluminum foil for easy clean up) Sprinkle cake mix over top of fruit, DO NOT STIR! Sprinkle with cinnamon (and a little brown sugar!) and cut pads of butter. (I like to use squeeze margarine)

Using 16 coals on top and 12 coals under the Dutch Oven, bake
for about 40-45 minutes or until brown. Be sure to occasionally rotate the
Dutch Oven and the lid so as to avoid any scorching from possible hot spots.

Serve warm with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream.
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try this web site out. it has lots of things to cook.

Wow! Thanks for sharing! That is a neat site!
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I have been getting into the Dutch Oven thing for over a year now. Been doing mostly the fruit cobler type deserts. Our family really likes this one...

2 cans of Apple fruit pie filling
1 yellow cake box cake mix (One that uses water, eggs and Butter)
1 can of Sprite (or Siera Mist, etc)
Cinnimum and brown sugar mixture

Use the sprite in place of the water to mix up the cake mix.

Place foil in the Dutch Oven, spray with Pam, dump in the pie filling, then pour the batter on top and sprinkle with the cinnimum and brown sugar mixture.

Bake for about 50 min to 1 hr with 10 - 12 coals on bottom and 15 coals on top.

Check only once about 40 minutes into cooking to make sure it is cooking evenly. Use the tooth pick method to make sure it is cooked all the way through.

P.S. We use the cinnimum and Brown Sugar mixture for doing baked apples, or French Toast. We keep a container of it on hand every time we camp.
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Wow, thanks for the great info. I agree that is a fantastic website. Now I'm in the market for a Dutch Oven. Any recommendations? I'll defer to the experts at hand before I go looking all over. Keep the recipes coming, this family loves its cobblers.

I like cast iron LODGE brand Dutch Ovens. I have th CAMP style D.O. that has 3 short legs on it. They are made to cook over charcoal, and can be used in campfires, or on tripods.

I cook on a D.O. table with charcoal. I use various accessories, like a lid lifter, a lid stand that doubles as a skillet using the D.O. lid, tongs, mits, and the D.O. Bible. (Lovin' Dutch Ovens, cookbook) All this stuff was purchased at CABELA'S stores.

I received a new Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven that I bought off QVC the other day. It's made in France, and will be used in the house, or stovetop in the OUTBACK.

I've been using D.O's for several years, and love it. Nothing like the aroma of a chocolate cake or cobbler wafting through the woods! You'll make new friends, and keep the ones you have!
Dutch OVen cooking - best you can have in the woods!

Lodge is the only way to go. Enameled is new to me though - how does that work?
There is an enameled coating inside and outside the cast iron pot. It makes it easy to clean...like non-stick sort of. I haven't used it yet, but it will be great for stews, soups and such. It's called a French Oven, and it's made in France. (go figure!)

You can use them on smooth top-electric stoves, gas, ovens, campfire, freezer, where ever you want, and they are dishwasher safe.

Here is the one I have: #K3648

French Cast Iron
Must admit I've never seen anything like that. I've seen some strange dutch ovens (or what people claimed were dutch ovens) but a fully enameled one would be a nice addition to the campfire cooking equipment.

Our latest trip (to a private RV resort we'd never been to before) didn't permit personal fires - not even charcoal. Couldn't beleive it - and they wanted us to buy a membership!

I'll have to talk to the DW about investing in one of these enameled ovens.

BigBadBrain said:
Our latest trip (to a private RV resort we'd never been to before) didn't permit personal fires - not even charcoal. Couldn't beleive it - and they wanted us to buy a membership!

They didn't permit campfires?!?!?! Camping = Campfires = Cooking Outside

Might as well stay at home then (cooking wise). My wife would have hit the roof if a campground told us that!
Ever done smores over the stove?

We couldn't believe it either - my kids were pretty upset.
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[quote name='BigBadBrain' date='Oct 11 2004, 11:41 AM']
Ever done smores over the stove?

Heh, heh. Doing smores in the microwave this afternoon! (wife has kiddies in the daycare!)

I'll give you my "French Oven" (you might say) review this week. I'm cooking Beef Stew in the new kettle on Wednesday night.
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I started a thread about this portable, propane campfire called Fire Dancer back about a month or two ago. I finally ordered one for us and should have it by Thursday when I head out on our 5d/4night trip to Santa Barbara, CA.

In So Cal with the threat of fire always on peoples minds, wood campfires are now banned at most So Cal campsites but these same campsites will allow you to use something like the Fire Dancer because its flame can be controlled.

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