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2011 Outback 250RS 2003 Ford F-350, V10
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Installed this over the last couple of days.

After removing the folding couch and thin sheet of wood below couch, you can see what is under couch area. Hiw water heater, furnace, water pump, and 30amp power cord.

I removed the wooden cover in center of area. It houses the 30amp power cord and there is a junction box where wires connect and run to house inverter/charger.

I decided to install the EMS unit inside this cover as there is room. The wooden cover contains 4 sides. The bottom is open as well as the side that attaches to the trailers wall.

After installing the EMS adjacent to junction box, I was unable to reinstall the cover as the EMS was now in the way. I did not want to remove the propane line from the furnace so I decided to mod the cover. I cut off the back side and then cut out a piece of plywood slightly larger than what was removed. I predrilled screw holes so that when cover was installed I could attach the side. I installed cover and after it was screwed down, I then installed the cover I made.

I ran the remote display cable under couch area and will mount display on wall just above and right of couch back. I'll upload a pic as soon as that step is completed.

I tested unit and all is well!! I prefer the HW EMS over the portable unit, as it becomes an afterthought and prevents theft.

As far as wiring, just follow directions as listed in the installation instructions. They are very clear with very good illustrations/diagrams.

NOTE: The sensor inside the EMS that surrounds the output power wire (black), did not have an arrow listed as it was supposed to. After calling PI, they explained that the sensor was sourced from a different vendor that did not include the arrow during manufacture and Progressive Industries was unable to revise install instructions prior to shipment. So....the side of sensor that is glued is the side that faces the relay. Please call Progressive to verify this information prior to installation.

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Nice mod. It's interesting that our 250RS is only two years newer but there are some differences. Our power cord isn't under the couch but rather comes out at the back corner of the rear storage compartment.
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