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We were camping near Wenatchee Washington over the weekend. The temperature was in the low 80 and everything was great except for a multitude of little flying bugs. You know the ones that every time you open your trailer door, you instantly have a them all over every interior lights.

After watching my wife trying to use the harbor freight tennis racket of death to get rid of them, I decided that I needed a new solution to the problem.
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Started thinking about what I could use to lure them out of the trailer but the only thing they are attracted to is light which gave me an idea. I went to the local harbor freight and bought a battery powered led light. Using the included self adhesive velcro, I attached it to the maxfan in the middle of our trailer.

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I removed the screen from the maxfan, turned in on high, turned on the led light and turned off all the other lights in the trailer.

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The bugs were now attracted to the light in the fan and when they went there were sucked out of the trailer. Had to brush a few off the ceiling with a paper towel but got most of them to head for the fan. Not bad for a $2 with coupon fix. Shut off the led and the maxfan, replaced the screen and turn all the interior lights back on. I'll just leave it there for the next time it's needed.

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