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Kargoroo Owners

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Does anyone own/still own/ever owned one of these campers, the 23KRS or 28KRS ? I seem to be the only one on Earth with one. Looking for that cult following!


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Hello, I haven’t been on this site for a long time. Yes, I still have the 2007 28KRS. I have owned it for 11 years, have traveled from Florida to California up the coast into Canada down to the Rockies. I have a Harley road king which makes for great rides along the way. Do you still have yours?
Sincerely, Kevin
Hey Kevin- yes still have mine. Figured they would be a popular unit due to the separate garage. Looked forward to an owners club! Was making good progress on mine, replaced toilet, resealed all seams, etc but since the hurricanes last October wrecked some buildings, long story short I have become granddaddy daycare. Like to talk further, when I’m not babysitting 😂 thanks for getting back. Also have a Road King but haven’t tried putting it in there. The Himalayan fits great tho. John
1 - 3 of 3 Posts