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Well after 2 nights in the camper on the side of our house I figured it was time to go shopping and start Mod'n!

I picked up a section of the wire shelf and installed two shelves in the pantry next to the fridge. Who needs 4 clothes racks anyway! I removed the coat hanger and drilled the supports in, they seem sturdy enough to hold boxes of cereal and other similar items. I was able then to store things we don't need as often on the floor. I'm going to do the same thing on one of the other closets on the other side of the door since we really need more shelf place and just one closet for coats.

Also added a couple of spice racks above the microwave and a key holder on the side of the cabinets.

Found a slim Rubbermaid garbage can with a lid for next to the cabinets or by the dinette/sofa.

Photos will be up on my site and here at some point if it helps anyone else.
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