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Murder in the woods!

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I just read an article in todays paper. Apparently, at a Provincial Park near Lake Winnipeg, Canada, a camper was killed in a fight.

There was a large group of campers drinking and partying late, and they were approached by another camper to ask them to keep it quiet.
Violence ensued, and the man was beaten to death.

What is happening in this world? Remember when the woods was a safe place?
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You know those kind of things worry me. We try and stay in places where drinking and partying are not allowed.
You know those kind of things worry me. We try and stay in places where drinking and partying are not allowed.
... Say it ain't so!
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Isn't it a shame in a world where we have more stuff than we really even need that we can be so full of rage and so lacking of empathy for others that a minor episode could erupt into so many peoples lives being changed forever? I am sorry, but I just don't believe there is no connection between the violence that we have forced upon us by TV and video games and the lack of caring that we have for a human life anymore. Now mind you, my children have these games, and see some of these movies, so I am preaching to myself here.

This is terrible and should not happen. I hope everyone involved goes to prison for life or just beat them to death.
I have been to a lot campgrounds were people just don't know when to stop. I don't mind drinking, I don't do it but I don't care if someone wants to drink they have a good time around the campfire. I also don't care if they go past quite hours some but hey 2am in the morning is to late.

This really upsets me, it is so senseless.
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Can't help but agree with you Darlene.

Original post is from August of 2003.....we are really digging to the "back of the rack" for messages to reply to!!!
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I agree that it is totally senseless.

Reminded me of a camping experience at a National Park. there were signs posted all over the place prohibiting ground fires, raised grills, no fire rings. We saw a campsite where they had build a ground fire (guess they were illiterate?) So I went over and tried to very nicely remind them of the signs. Was only in their site far enough to be able to tell them. Well we went on our way back to our site, next thing we know the woman is at the back of our truck. When my husband asked what she was doing she said I had been very rude to them, and they were getting our license plate number. Next day we reported them to the ranger, but they had already left. We were a bit uncomfortable that night.
Terrible. Sounds like those Doper-hippie-peacenicks are having another jamboree. (if ya have been around here long enough to remember that one).
Had a nice weekend going last year until we got new neighbors. The dad was a real loud mouth! not long after they pulled in he cranked up the music in his "tent hauler" and told his kids to practice pitching...witch they did with a dumpster
We Had enough I told the DW too take our son into the trailer, set a plaskie just inside the tt door then went down and had a nice talk with our new neighbor (which was twice the size of me). Luckily I returned back to the tt unharmed. I know carry a my pistol on all trips.

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My last camping (fishing) trip was at a lake in NM where there was a drinking party and loud music. Luckily the party was across the lake, I think. The party went on past 11 PM til I fell asleep. Then I was awaken by them coming over and close to my TT and parking for several minutes. The next morning they left to hunt whatever, anyway there was so much trash all around there campsite, sad. I didn't stay there another night.
yes you never know what can happen at there
The world has changed in a big way
So be careful out there everyone

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