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I have several passions & addictions!

Give me a mountain in the winter, and I'll ski it! I love to ski! I ski mostly the Rockies in Montana or Colorado.

I am hopelessly addicted to cruising. I'm talking about vacationing on a big cruise ship. I love to island hop in the Caribbean. I go as often as I can get away. You haven't lived until you've cruised! sunny

I am a huge JIMMY BUFFETT fan, and that is part of why I love the ocean and islands so much. If you ever listen to his music, you will understand. Parrotheads are nutty people, but we like to live life and have fun!

I am a SCUBA diver as well. I was originally training as part of a special Dive Rescue Team, which was scrapped shortly after my initial dive course. I am just a recreational diver that gets out once or twice a year in a cold Northern lake, or the warm, turquoise waters of the Caribbean.

I love to camp, canoe, hike, bike, waterski, and anything outdoors. I have most fun camping when things are kept basic. Tent, canoe, basic supplies...although RVing is sure fun...just different. Besides...it always rained on my tent, and I always awoke with a backache!

I like gagets too. GPS, computers, cameras, audio equipment, etc.

Those are my major hobbies. I do have many more.
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