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No Heat in Bedroom

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Just got myself a 2022 outback 260UML. Currently the main living area has plenty of heat. But When it comes to the bedroom there is almost none at all. The thermostat in the bedroom only controls the AC. After looking around Im not seeing any of the same vents that are in the main area. I know I can just keep the doors open to heat the bedroom but am I missing something or is this just a problem with this model?
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This is a screen shot from the current Outback 260UML 3D tour on their web page. You don't have a heat vent at the location shown?

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I have that vent but no heat comes out from it. The heat from the main area comes from the smaller wall vents. I wonder if the duct work has just come loose.
Either that or it may be kinked. It looks like your furnace is under the refrigerator. I would take the return air grill off the front and see if all the ducts are connected there. If it isn't a problem there, then you are probably going to have to get into the underbelly. Is it still under warranty?

Those ducts fittings, at least in our 250RS are circular and rotate to lock in the cover of the furnace. One of our came loose and our heat wasn't working correctly because of it. I took a pair of pliers and put a small bend on a tab of the connecter to help keep it from rotating due to vibration and reinstalled it. We haven't had a problem since then.
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