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The blue and red lines are cold and hot, respectively. Are you having issues with the hot water on the sink faucet? If you are, then check the strainer on the faucet first. It's the easiest thing to check. There may be plastic shavings from when the pex was fitted that has clogged it up. Shavings could also have clogged up your toilet valve. If clearing the faucet strainer worked for the sink, then you may need to disconnect the supply line at the toilet to see if there are shavings there too. If that isn't it and both the hot and cold are only dribbling, you have bigger problems. The lines must be kinked somewhere. The only access is through the white panel on the front of the tub.

The white line coming through the exterior wall with the black plastic piece on it is your black tank sprayer. It should come through the wall, then go up to the bottom of the sink but not connect to the faucet. There should be a vacuum breaker on it there and then it heads back down through the side of the cabinet and to the black tank. That one should have nothing to do with your problem.
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