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Outside Kitchen and Sink Mods, Outside Shower....Done Any?

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Family circumstances have prevented me from using my new to me 250RS which I purchased about a year ago. However, we are all good to go for the remainder of 2022 and beyond!!!

Been looking at the outside kitchen/stove and the sink with no drain. Wondering what mods can be done to improve and/or add features/uses.

Have any of you done any mods with sink drain, added an outside shower, etc.? Would love to see what you have done!

I do have a Blackstone griddle and folding table that I will carry with us. I also have a table for my portable grill and Coleman folding stove.

I'd like to have with me.....Stove, griddle, BBQ grill, and a prep table.

I did purchase this and it appears it will work out as a nice griddle, grill, pre table. A little heavy, but I like the 1/2 section that is metal for grills. It also has paper towel rack, garbage bag holder, and tool holders.
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Somewhere on this forum I read of an outside kitchen being converted to a TV area. If I found it I'm sure you can too. I believe the owner wasn't a fan of the kitchen sink or small stove so they removed them and added a permanent outside TV.

Our trailer came with an outside shower which we don't use much but when we did it was a lifesaver for cleaning muddy dogs before letting them in the trailer.
Thanks fir the reply.

I may have seen the TV mod. Not much of a TV watcher while camping, so it wouldn’t be for me.

Outside shower would be nice. The outside kitchen has a fitting for attaching a water hose for sink. A simple on/off shower head with line and fitting, that used same connection, would work. A holder on side wall of trailer to hang it on would also work. However, this would mean water and mud/dirt would be on entrance side of trailer.
The outside sink may work if it drained somewhere. It is a sink that has no drain; it’s basically a catch basin.
Does this image reflect your handle?


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Does this image reflect your handle?
That's where the handle originated about 20 years ago except beernuts was taken so its been beernutz ever since.
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