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Rain Gutters

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Anyone put on any extra rain gutters over compartment doors to prevent water leaks or black streaks? I'm talking of the stick on (Camping World) type.

I was thinking of putting a piece above the forward bike compartment door to lessen the chance of water entering the gasket. After the third fix at the dealer, it is still getting a tiny bit of moisture through in the rain.
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Thought about it, for now just have the factory gutters.
Have them on all the outside compartment doors, no leaks.
Are they the stick on ones from Camping World...or like them?
I checked the camping world website and the ones I have look like the EZE-RV gutter system. My dealer installed them and used a bead of caulk along the top edge and secured them with a couple of white screws at the ends where they bend around the top radius of the doorframes.
Just curious but didn't your Outbacks come with rain gutters over the doors from the factory?, mine did.
Yes, but I would like some over the forward (bike) compartment door because I've had it fixed twice and a little water still finds it's way past the gasket. The factory gutter spout drains out right down over the top of the door and water runs down into the gasket. I think I need to channel it away from the door altogether.
I have leaks at the rear compartment door and at the bicycle door. also had one at the h2o heater and installed a drip rail over h2o heater ( screwed and silicone)
am currently waiting on a replacement door for the rear- ordered a new one in August and still waitng .using duct tape to keep water out
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