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I’d say it is fairly common. I have a 2012 210RS (shorter version of your floor plan) and have experienced that also. In my case the rear and side edges were still held up by the metal lip around the perimeter of the slide. It mainly hung down in the front when the slide was in. The rollers for the slide hold it up… for that reason, at least in my case, I’d could still move the slide in and out.

I have tried screws like others have but with mixed success. A problem is, I think, you cannot get the thing up against the bottom of the bed perfectly without anti-gravity or turning the trailer upside down. So you always have the underliner flexed a little bit when you install screws. Then moving the slide in and out over the rollers causing the underliner to flex some putting sideways pressure on the screws… eventually loosening the screws. I have had some one my screws fall out. I have replaced them with longer screws (1 1/4”) but am expecting that the same will happen to them at some point.

Ultimately it seems like what is needed is some adhesive under there that can flex a bit. I suspect that is what Keystone attempted… but with varied success. And I cannot think of a way to get it all down, adhesive applied, and the liner anti-gravitied back up into the adhesive (and under the metal lips and over the rollers).

I sometimes wonder if we really even need that underliner. What if we tore it down and just coated it with something… epoxy paint or something? I suspect the rollers would be too hard on the plywood or osb or whatever is under it. So.. just daydreaming.
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