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So, I just did a change over to the Lippert Road Armor Equilizer and MorRyde Wetbolts on a 07 23rs.
Took about 4.5 hours. Thought I would share some pics and tips.
First, getting all the wheels off the ground makes it easier. helped a friend change wetbolts on his. along witha couple of jacks to hold axles.
Note: That the bolts have "teeth" that the bolt head keeps them from turning.
I used a c clamp and a turned down piece of steel with shoulder cut to inside diameter to set the new brass bushings making the job much easier. An impact tool to remove nuts worked well.
As well as a seperate drift punch or dowel to remove old plastic bushings. A hammer to tap out old bolts(remember they are keyed in).
Also note: that the MorRyde shackles and wet bolts are the right thickness for old equalizer but the Road armor was thicker on the wish bone part. So, it was tight and needed to have material removed to freely move. About 0.025" before it swing freely. Check before you put on those locking nuts! They are one time use! I happened to have a spare. It would have sucked to stop to go get new ones. Warning - They are an odd thread (finer).
DO NOT BANG IN BOLTS. This is a no, no! Seating the last 1/8 of an inch, to seat the teeth sure. Not to get them through the bushing and shackle mounts. A little grease on them and hand installed. This the jacks help by lifting ever so slightly to get the parts in the right place for easily getting things together. Tightened the nuts and then seated with an old socket and clamp the last little bit. Making sure they are free to pivot.
The road armor also sits 3/4" lower that the stock equalizers. No big deal for me. Just thought I would mention it.
Grease and smile at job well done.
Hope this helps someone. Good luck. Any questions ask.

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