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Finished the screens for the bay door on my 2006 28KRS. Was about $60 in materials. Hoping it works! Plan to put up some 3/8” channel across top and on sides of the garage door, and use a strip of industrial velcro down the middle to secure the pieces together when up. Sort of a Florida room that will allow ramp to stay deployed and breeze to come in, while using the front door to go in and out. Want to put L-brackets under the bed in the garage to store them. That way whether the bed is up or down they will be out of the way. Alternate ideas welcomed.
Wood Rectangle Asphalt Flooring Floor

Still trying to figure out if the awning is OEM, just curious, and what is different about the newer Coleman AC that still uses the Carrier base and needed an adapter as opposed to just replacing the whole thing. Doesn’t seem like too many Kargaroo owners around any more? Figured they’d have a cult following like Shastas or Cortez’s. Safe travels.
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