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After a short shake down weekend outing with a good friends who also happen to have been rving five years, they decided to introduce us to real trailering.

We started out from Montreal heading for Virgina. I like traveling with a trailer. Lunch was an eye opener. We stopped, cooked, washed and used clean bathrooms. There was no rushed feeling. On the down side I discovered the Envoy has gas for about 2.5 hours... It has no problems with the 21RS.

On the frist night we encountered really bad rain which forced us to stop. We overnighted at a rest stop - not the best place but much safer than continuing in the rain. We were up at six and on our way before anyone asked us to move.

The next day we arrived at our major destination. We stayed at a large private park (Holiday Trav-L-Park) just outside Virgina Beach. We had reserved sites - they just happened to be under water... We were offered serval other choises. We stayed happily for a week enjoying heat a bit of sun and rain. Virgina was extremely green last summer! This park had all types of sites, several pools and nightly entertainment. It also has free parking at two places one giving access to the strip and the other to a more quiet section of beach.

After leaving the beach we headed up to the Skyline Drive. This is a beautiful drive. We were planning to spend a night in the park - it was really nice, we stayed an extra day. Its interesting to watch deer. In this park they are used to people and will ignore you if you do not startle them.

On the way back we overnighted at a Wallmart. It turned out to be quite handy for me. My 21RS developed an electrical problem and batteries would not charge. Guess what I got at Wallmart?

Think to be happy rving one must expect problems and not let them rune the trip. Between my friend and I we had a few:

1. hot water failure (me)
2. cable damage - make very sure yours cannot reach the ground (friend)
3. charging problem (me)
4. leak in skylight (friend)
5. motor sensor failure (friend - onstar really does help!)

Before we started, my friend suggested that travelling with a good toolbox and the expectation of some problems was a good idea. None of the above problems caused us much pain. I my case the dealer was quick to fix them - all it cost me was the gas.

The cheap little walkie talkies with a range of 2km (1.2 miles) work great on the highway. If you are traveling with a friend invest in some.

I am really looking forward to getting out again. Right now there is about a foot and a half of snow on the roof of the trailer.

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