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Hellow everyone,

I am a newbie to the forum and the world of TT and hope to learn much from the pros here at the forum.

I am interested in purchasing a new Outback 21RS or 25RS-S and was wondering how my 2002 JGC 4.7L H.O. V-8 (265hp) with a 6,500 pound tow rating would handle towing it.

Some have told me that the short wheel base may be a concern with the larger Outback with a dry weight of 4,655 which may even surpass 5,500 with all the liquids, food, gear, etc. and short wheel base of the JGC may be an issue.

Should I settle with the shorter 21RS? I would really appreciate feedbacks from those who have experience with towing with JGC...

Thank you~
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