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Here the latest scoop!

Service department believe wires of radio connected correctly....colors match colors on wiring....they sincerely believe installation manual is incorrect.

Having said that....they did get rid of the horrendous 'hum/buzz' when the converter kicked in.

What was hysterical was that wife and I checked their 'Showroom' Outback 28 BHS and guess what!!......it was buzzing from alll 4 speakers too as soon as converter turned on.
So now they could no longer say they couldnt duplicate same noise.....it was right there on their other model!

Anyway, great service tech. mgr Bryan was able to fix it. First he explained what he would do and then did it....took about one hr.........THE FIX is disconnecting radio from converter and connect directly to 12V Battery with fuse now at battery.....round fuse instead of flat fuse.

We have been 'discussing'
this issue with them since April 23rd...they kept insisting the buzz was not there.

Anyway, there is the solution. Hopefully they will pass it on to Keystone since seems to be 2004 problem.

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