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Vent Over Cook Stove In 328Rl

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Does anyone know if 12 volts is available at the vent in the kitchen area of the 328rl? Only has flow thru vent on cook top so thought I would like to have a fan in that vent.
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I went through this two years ago with our 298re. The hood vent over the cooktop only made noise, no outside exit!

Fortunately the non-motorized roof vent is located in the same bay as the hood vent/microwave. I eliminated the stove-top hood vent and installed another LED light over the stove. The microwave is super easy to remove. From there, 12V is accessible and easy to run wire to feed motorized roof vent.

I found a roof vent that installed without having to touch or access the roof. I didn't spend a lot on it, but it has 3 speeds, forward and reverse. Only drawback is that it's not super quiet, but it does a decent job moving air.

Although we do most of our cooking outside, this was a very worthwhile install. Now I wish we could have one in the bedroom, I just don't think there's room in the roof for it.

Good luck, I hope this will be of help to you.

I added a fan this year above the kitchen in our 326RL. Ran the electrical off the light in the entryway, works great.
I have Heng’s 12 volt range hood. Even with a tiny space, we can accommodate this little range hood. This range hood, despite its size, can keep the interior of the RV cool and remove cooking odors.
Furrion 12V Under-Cabinet Ductless vent is also great. What I adore about this device is its easy cleaning with a replaceable and cleanable charcoal system. Hence, it takes less time, money, and effort to maintain the system. And such a convenient feature indeed benefits RVers like me.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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