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Where do you store your Outback?

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Just wondering where everyone keeps there home away from home?
I keep mine on the driveway during the summer.
During winter, I tow it 20 miles away to an outdoor RV storage lot.
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I keep ours in the driveway for the summer and covered up in the back of the parking lot where I work for the winter.
I keep mine in my yard along side my garage. This is the first year we've had it, but I plan on keeping it there during the winter also
In the driveway waiting for that quick departure.
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I wish mine could stay there for quick departures year round! I was cleaning mine up today, wiping the water off the queen slide so I could put it inside. It started to sleet on me! Now I know it's time to head for the storage lot. Under a hard freeze warning tonight. End of the growing season here!
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Well, normally ours sits inside in a warehouse of a business we currently own. However, thinking about selling the business and well, then have to find somewhere else. In order to get it in the warehouse, we had to removed the air conditioning unit and replaced it with a fantastic fan. We haven't really camped where we needed air conditioning so it hasn't been missed - yet.
It started to sleet on me! Under a hard freeze warning tonight.
Oh No...Sleet...Hard Freeze...

It's gonna be 82 to 85 during the day and 62 to 65 at night all week here sunny and the Outback is just calling my name.
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All right Vern....that will be enough of that kind of talk. It's cold here this morning, but I think we're going to take the Outback out for one more time Columbus Day weekend.
Shame on me...
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Keep it parked in the yard year round. going to be building a garage in the spring , and thinking about adding a covered extention on to it to park trailer under.all depends on lumber prices over the winter lol
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We live on a cul-de-sac and we have concrete pad behind a gate alongside the garage. We had to add 6' to the pad so that the trailer would fit! Previously it was the home of the tent trailer. It will be there throughout the year. I still need to get some tire covers and a cover for the AC unit.

I am looking forward to going camping this winter sometime. The Sacramento valley often gets socked in with fog and the coast will be clear and sunny! That's my kind of winter!

Well, now that we bought a new house with 3 acres we keep it right on the opposite side of the drive from the garage, far better than keeping it 10 miles away on my mother's land. We just got back today from a wonderful warm weekend trip. But, we are going to winterize it soon because we're not going to have another free weekend to go until after the first of the year. boo hoo:(
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