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Being that I rescued a stranded lady from the snow covered ditch on the way home from the fire station today, I thought I'd post a little "SAFETY REMINDER" for everyone. (and also because my son hit a tree with my car!)

PLEASE, if you are driving in bad weather...
be it snow, ice or rain...
please drive sloooooow and defensively!

We received 5 inches of snow so far last night...and it's still snowing today.
When I pulled over to help the lady, I had to stop slowly on the shoulder of the Interstate. (very slippery) Cars and trucks were whizzing by me at over 60-70 MPH. That is normal here where the speed limit is 75 MPH...but not when it is slippery, and still snowing! The roadway was VERY slippery! No passing vehicle moved to the passing lane either, they were whizzing by within a couple feet of my truck! It was a very dangerous situation for me and the other person. She had been driving, cautiously down the interstate, when an SUV (traveling the opposite direction) slid across the median and into the lanes of traffic. She had to swerve to avoid a HEAD ON collision. She went off the roadway and got stuck, while the SUV made it back out of the ditch and continued on his merry way. She was visibly shaken, and gratefully accepted my offer of a ride to her workplace. Most vehicles sliding sideways like that roll over and cause bad injuries/death. (especially at freeway speeds!) They were both lucky. The SUV driver was not only lucky he didn't hit her, or roll over...he was lucky no one got his license plate number!

So please...slow down when conditions dictate. I see so many needless accidents and lives lost in my proffesion. Are we really in that big of a hurry these days?

End of saftey rant.
Stay safe out there!

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Good point Pete, people now days are in to much of a hurry. Life passes them buy before they know it.
Needless to say this type of life style kills to.
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