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Yellowing Plastic?

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My Outback is now one year old. (how the heck can that be it's a 2003!)
I have noticed the plastic frames around the exterior entry doors are yellowing.
So is the sofa compartment door.

Any tried and true method of cleaning /protecting this?
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I have used soft scrub and it worked ok on the plastic frames then put a coat of protect all afterwards. Sure made a difference.
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I just did a search and found this old thread posted by NDJollyMon...

Our Outback is now 1 year old, and today I noticed that the plastic around both entry doors are stained yellow as well

I wonder if this would be covered under our extended warranty...I still have just over a month of factory warranty left, should I have them replace these yellowed pieces of plastic or will they most likely turn yellow all over again?

Does anyone else have this problem?? Any new cleaning methods out there??

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Mine have yellowed as well. So far it hasn't bothered me at all.

Old thread but it has merit.

Yellowing plastic is due to lack of UV protection in the plastic itself and can not be cleaned. It will be hit or miss on warranty replacement.

I had a Coleman popup that had a storage door that was yellowed. Went to the dealer and asked about it and they said it was after the warranty so sorry. I called Coleman and they just asked for my address and sent me a new one.

So I would call Keystone and ask. As for using your extended warranty you will most likely have to pay for it as it would cost less then your deductible.
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